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Instrument Mics

NEW Digital Reference DRST100 w/ Rim Clip Snare Drum, Tom, Guitar Instrument Mic


AKG P170 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Drum Instrument Pencil Mic


GLS Audio Instrument Microphone ES-57 & Mic Clip - Professional Series ES57


EV Electro Voice Cobalt Co4 Handheld Mic Instrument Dynamic Microphone


Professional Microphone SMT-57 Mic Dynamic vocal instrument moving coil


NEW Digital Reference DRST100 for Snare Drum, Tom, Guitar Instrument Mic


Monoprice 7-piece Drum and Instrument Mic Kit With Mounts and Case


GLS Audio Instrument Microphone ES-57 & Mic Cord - Professional Series ES57


NEW Audix F15 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Drum, Guitar, Instrument Mic


Sennheiser E906 Supercardioid Microphone Guitar Mic Dynamic E 906 Instrument Mic


audio technica elite ae3000 condener mocrophone mic live studio instrument


CAD Audio C9 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Mic


ACEMIC PR-8 / ST4 UHF 500-980MHz ECHO EFFECT Wireless Mic Microphone Saxophone


Beyerdynamic M201TG M201 TG Dynamic Instrument Microphone Mic w/ Clamp+Bag


Audio Technica PRO23 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone Snare/Tom/Drum Mic


Shure WB98H/C Clip-on Condenser Instrument Mic Wireless Version WB98HC Beta 98


Superlux PRA-628 MKII Dynamic Instrument Microphone Guitar Amp Mic


Shure PGA98H-TQG Gooseneck Instrument Mic with Wireless System Connector LN


Audix I5 Dynamic Cardioid Mic Instrument Microphone I-5 Snare


AEA Ribbon Mics R92 | Big Ribbon Instrument Mic | Pro Audio LA


Audio Technica ATM-650 Hypercardioid Instrument Microphone ATM650 Mic


Audio-Technica ATM350UcW Instrument Mic w/ Universal Mount & cW Connector - 5"


Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument with Microphone Mic Clip NEW!


Shure BLX14/B98 Instrument Wireless System with Beta 98H/C Mic


Open Box Blue Hummingbird Instrument Microphone Humming Bird Mic


Pack of (2) New Pyle PMSAX1 Instrument/Saxaphone XLR Condenser Microphones / Mic


Aspen Pittman Designs DT-1 Convertible Condenser Mic for Vocals


Audio-Technica ATM650 Instrument Microphone - ATM-650 Mic


Audio Technica ATM-650 Hypercardioid Instrument Microphone ATM650 Mic NEW


PEAVEY PVM38 Vocal-Instrument Mic with Clip and Bag / Great Condition


Black Clip on Condenser XLR Mic for Horn Wind Instrument, Saxaphone, Trumpet


AKG Perception P4 Dynamic Instrument Mic


HEIMU Clip On Instrument Condenser Microphone + Universal Clip + Mic + Stand


AKG P 2 (Cardioid Instrument Mic)


Audio Technica ATM250 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone ATM 250 Mic